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Services provided throughout the conterminous U.S.

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Title Price
Planning Hydrology For Constructed Wetlands: Gary J. Pierce. 1993. 55 pages. Wetland Training Institute, Poolesville, MD $15.00
Course Notebook: Wetland Construction & Restoration. 1993. Southern Tier Consulting, Inc., W. Clarksville, NY $145.00
USDA SCS Engineering Field Handbook: Chapter 13. Wetland Restoration, Enhancement, or Creation. 1992. 80 pages. $19.00
USDA SCS Engineering Field Handbook: Chapter 18. Soil Bioengineering for Upland Slope Protection and Erosion Reduction. 1992. 53 pages. $14.00
USDA SCS Agriculture Handbook Number 590: Ponds - Planning, Design, Construction. 1982. 51 pages $14.00
USDA SCS Technical Release 55: Urban Hydrology for Small Watersheds. 1986. 162 pages $35.00
Bottomland Hardwood Reforestation in the Lower Mississippi Valley: James A. Allen & Harvey E. Kennedy, Jr. 1989. 30 pages. USDI FWS National Wetlands Research Center. $9.00
Hardiness Zone Map: Wall Poster (Plastic Coated - 48"x48") $12.00
Directory of Wetland Plant Vendors: Soil Conservation Service. 1992. 199 pages. USACE WES Wetlands Research Program Technical Report WRP-SM-1 $43.00
Goals of Wetland Construction: Gary J. Pierce. 1994. 6 pages. Southern Tier Consulting, Inc., West Clarksville, NY $4.50
Adaptive Modes in Wetland Plants: Gary J. Pierce. 1994. 23 pages. Southern Tier Consulting, Inc., West Clarksville, NY
(Available online from the Pierce Cedar Creek Institute)
Installing Monitoring Wells / Piesometers in Wetlands: Steven W. Sprecher. 1993. 14 pages. USACE WES WRP Technical Note HY-1A-3.1 $6.00
Management of Seasonally Flooded Impoundments for Wildlife: Leigh H. Fredrickson & T. Scott Taylor. 1982. 30 pages. USDI FWS Resource Publication 148. $9.00



Prices include shipping and handling. Appropriate sales tax will be added for orders from New York State residents.

Southern Tier Consulting & Nursery
Inquiries: (716) 969-1608
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