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If you have questions about our ordering process, please call:

(716) 969-1608



Q.  I need to schedule my order to be shipped how much notice do you need?


A.  We request that you give 7-10 days notice before you need your order shipped.



Q.  I need to cancel my order how much notice do I need to give?


A.  All cancellations must be made within 30 days prior to shipping.  Down payments are    nonrefundable.



Q.  Do you know of a company that can install my material?


A.  Yes, we here are Southern Tier install all the material we sell also.  Upon request we can provide you with a price quote for the material along with installation.  Please fax or mail us any information on your project and we can gladly price it for you.



Q.  Is there material that is only available at certain time of the year?


A.  Yes, there are several materials that available at certain times of the year.  Bare root trees and shrubs, woody cutting / live stakes or live fascines are only able to be harvest when they are dormant this usually occurs between October 15 and November 15th and are to be shipped up to spring.  Herbaceous plant material in tuber form are available in late fall and early spring.  Some tubers are only available in limited quantities placing an order a season ahead of time will help the chance of receiving the material. 



Q.  I would like to order seeds or seed mixes how to I sow these materials?


A.  Some seed material needs cold stratification and or light to germinate so you do not want to hydro-seed to cover the seeds with any material.  To cold stratify your seeds you can artificially stratify the seeds by getting them wet and placing them in a refrigerator or walk-in cooler. For the best results sow the material in the fall and the species will naturally stratify over winter.  Please contact our office for seed mix seeding instructions or they are available on our website www.southerntierconsulting.com


 If you have any questions that are not answered above please feel to contact us!

Southern Tier Consulting Supplies:

200 herbaceous wetland species

• live fascines • woody cuttings and live stakes • wetland seeds and seed mixes • wetland literature

New Herbaceous species

Herbaceous plant, tree and shrub packs

Butterfly, bat and bird houses


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