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Services provided throughout the conterminous U.S.

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Let us plant your wetland

Understanding the hydrologic requirements of wetland plants is critical in making any wetland a success. At Southern Tier Consulting we offer competitively priced plant installation backed by the knowledge and experience of trained field crews. We have planted in eleven states in a variety of wetland and bank restoration projects.

Call us for assistance with your wetland project.  





OBL (Obligate Wetland): Occurs almost always (estimated probability >99%) under natural conditions in wetlands.


FACW (Facultative Wetland): Usually occurs in wetlands (estimated probability 67% - 99%), but occasionally found in nonwetlands.


FAC (Facultative): Equally likely to occur in wetlands or nonwetlands (estimated probability 34% - 66%).


FACU (Facultative Upland): Usually occurs in nonwetlands (estimated probability 67% - 99%), but occasionally found in wetlands (estimated probability 1% - 3%).


Southern Tier Consulting Supplies:

200 herbaceous wetland species

• more than 40 wetland shrubs and tree species • live fascines • woody cuttings and live stakes • wetland seeds and seed mixes • wetland literature




New Herbaceous species

Herbaceous plant, tree and shrub packs

Butterfly, bat and bird houses



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